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Beginning of the project

That year, people participating in Développez.com’s game-jam had to respect a theme: “It’s the end of the world!”.

After a short brain-storming with myself, where Overcooked and Chu Chu Rocket came to map mind, I had the idea for the game:
During the hottest time Earth will ever know, with unstoppable fire popping up everywhere on the planet, your goal is to allow the maximum number of humans to get inside ready-to-take-off rockets that will fly to another world.
To this end, you have at your disposal several water bomber, which you can order to drop water on some part of the world to slow down fire’s progress.
Beware: if flames reach the rocket’s launching pad, the rocket will immediately take off as a security measure.

Visuals have been made during the jam by Biiscuit.

The game engine an evolution of the same engine I’ve been using in jams since 2014, homemade using C++ and both OpenGL3 and D3D12 as renderers.


After this week-end, I made a first revamp of this game’s code: I made it not only prettier, I also made it deterministic. In the jam version, if you play 2 identical games, there is little chance you will get the same score twice.

I also added new “tools” for the player: arrows the player can drop to force the people to go some way, and lumberjacks who can cut trees to reveal new pathes, quicker or safer. In the October 2018 release, you can switch from one tool to the other with the mouse wheel.

Release from October 25th, 2018 (Windows)

The game has already changed a lot since then: I now have a level editor embedded in the game, with which I will be able to create new levels, several aspects of gameplay have been made scriptable: the fire behaviour on each tile, tools…
The most obvious change are visual ones: trees can now be anywhere on the map and you can see lumberjacks cut them, and the people’s movements have been made more chaotic:

Most animations (people panicking, trees falling, lumberjacks working…) used to be hardcoded, they are now made in Blender and imported.

Last release (Windows)

More info here (in French): https://www.developpez.net/forums/d1889355/applications/developpement-2d-3d-jeux/projets/we-jv8-y-feu-titre-temporaire/