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PsyCam: A new game in the Collection!

Today, we’re introducing PsyCam to Plisitol Jam Collection!

The authorities are afraid of your mysterious powers, and have decided to lock you up until they figure out what to do. You could use your powers on those CCTV monitors across the room to escape, but first you need to somehow get out of this cage. Maybe you’re not the only one who wants to get you outside...

PsyCam is a short point’n’click game whose gameplay glimpses on supernatural territory: you can interact with the world as you see it through a CCTV monitor! Find objects, open doors, all while staying comfortably behind this desk!

Born during a game jam and improved since

We released Plisitol Jam Collection with the promise that we would add every future jam game we make to it. After five months of work, we are finally doing it for the first time!

We chose to add this game, which started life as a jam game in 2022, but we took the time to make it more pleasant.

Here I talk in more detail of how we developed the game during this game jam.

Explore your jailers’ compound, and grab anything that can help you escape!

We hoped it would take roughly a month after the original release, but we wanted to improve it significantly compared to the Jam game it originated from:

An entirely new room that didn’t exist in the jam version!

All in all, this version of the game is much better than what we were planning! And once the new systems are in place and easy to use, it’s hard to resist the temptation to add even more interactions, making you wait for yet more weeks.

We learned quite some stuff with this project, we hope we’ll be able to apply these in the next one!

You can launch the game straight from the Collection!

This update also adds a few things to the engine used by all the games:

See you for the next update, or for a entirely new project, whichever comes first!